Hysterectomy on Tuesday and full of cold...

My last post before going into hospital on Monday...

I got all paperwork finished for school on Thursday and took it in, had a final drink with friends and was planning to spend the day by myself on Friday by driving to the coast and going for a long walk along the beach (one of my fave things to do in the world!) but what happens? I get ill...

started as a lost voice and sore throat on Wednesday which was added to by bad head and chesty cough on Thurs. dr gave me antibiotics "just in case" as don't want to cancel op... Then Friday I woke up and couldn't move! Bones ached, coughing up horrid stuff, nose like Rudolph, etc etc. so my walk along the sand was replaced with shivering in bed... 

It doesn't rain but pour sometimes, eh?

feel a bit more alive today, just ache all over- prep for next week lol!

so it's washing sheets and ironing today and tomorrow (once feel a bit stronger) then that's it. Feel scared. Major op after all. But didn't want it cancelling cos of an infection either.

see you on the other side ladies...



Hope your better soon. Will be thinking of you and looking out for an update.

Lors of love.



Hi Don

So sorry to hear about your awful cold, what lousy rotten timing.  Left a post for you on the other listing but just wanted to wish you lots of love and luck for Tuesday. (just doing an edit as I've just seen your response to the other post!)

Yes, I feel scared at the thought of the op too but not having it is scarier and as my next door neighbour said last night 'if this is what it takes to get rid of it then so be it'.  Just keep thinking it will soon be over and you can concentrate on your recovery.

Look after yourself, will be sending you positive thoughts on Tuesday.



Hi Don, so sorry to hear you've got cold, hope you feel better soon. Wish you all the best for tuesday, good luck, thinking of you xxx

Good luck Don, I have everything crossed for xxxxx

Oh that's bad luck Don, hopefully you will feel better in time for the op - I will be thinking of you on Tuesday xx


Good Luck!!! Hope everything goes well - please let us know how you are once you can xxxx

Eek... im here. 

More waiting to come as notin until tomorrow lunch. Scrabble on ipad and a quick update on here it is then. Thanks for messages everyone. I really am pooing myself now. It hit me a little while ago. Hey ho...

Dons xI

Thought of you first thing Don and wondered how you were feeling.  Soon be over with now and you'll be so relieved.  We are all thinking of you and wishing you well. xx

All the best. Soon you’ll be on the other side.
I hope it goes ok xx