hysterectomy offered as insurance against cancer?

New on here today - the forum is excellent and great to know we are not alone.

I had an abnormal smear over Christmas. Advised I had severe changes and needed a colposcopy asap. went to hospital but when nurse assess the Cervix she advised the area affected was too great and that a GA would be required. At the time she took 5 punch biopsies. Met with consultant at end of Jan - he agreed to a cone biopsy on 16th Feb. At the initial appointment he advised that the punch biopsies had all come back clear (relief at that point).
Operation on the 16th - no issues. follow up appointment yesterday with consultant and he advised that they found a very small cancer in the removed tissues - 3mm. 1a1/1a2. Recommended hysterectomy as ‘insurance’ along with removal of pelvic lymph nodes.
Scans are next week to confirm staging.
I have seen lots of people on here with a similar diagnoses who have just had the cone biopsy and that has been a success - I am wondering why I am being offered such a major invasive treatment if others have had success with the cone? Any ideas welcome.
I am also very concerned about the scans and them finding something significantly worse - has anyone had this happen to them or is the initial diagnosis generally correct or close?

Hi Marlboroughlady, 

I had a similar diagnosis to you. After lletz and a cone all mine was removed. I was also advised to have lymph nodes removed which were clear. I asked my consultant if there would be less of a chance of reoccurrence if I had a hysterectomy and was I risking reoccurrence with just the cones. His reply was as the area of cancer was small and clear margins were achieved and also clear nodes I was not at anymore risk than if I had a hysterectomy. I am in my late 20's with no children so they would be very slow to offer a hysterectomy. I think older women who have had children maybe more lightly to be offered one. 

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Hiya :-)

So glad you like the forum :-) I'm guessing here that you are a bit older than Michelle and have had your family? I also suspect that the clue lies in the fact that "The area affected was too great". I think that once the area is too great for a cone biopsy the next option is a trachelectomy, but those tend to be offered only to women who haven't started their families yet.

Usually, an initial diagnosis is spot-on, it very rarely changes after the scans, it seems that oncologists know what they are looking at :-)

Hope that helps
Be lucky :-)

thanks Michelle and Tivoli.

i am 47 - no plans to have more family however i am quite concerned about the after effects of the hysterectomy. I already suffer from thyroid disease (any one else on here with that?)..and my hormones are already a complete nightmare - just about controlled with drugs. A hyterectomy would force the menopause (im close anyway), and i am very worried about how messed up i will be ;-(

My scan is next week and your words are very reassuring Tivoli - i am having the most awful thoughts about them finidng multiple cancers all over my body (yes imagination is going wild on this one)....Im trying to maintain a sense of nomality and calm but the mind keeps wandering.

The forum is great - ive been on here everyday and it is very reassuring to know that other people are going through very similar challenges - good luck and best wishes to all of you ;-)



Hi again :-)

In your shoes I think I would speak with an endocrinologist. You might find, though I have no idea, that a hysterectomy and menopause make your homonal issues easier to deal with, fewer variables if you see what I mean.

Be lucky :-)


I was diagnosed with 1b1 CC back in August and had a hysterectomy in October. I am 37 and I have 2 kids already.  My consultant did say "we could possibly get away with a less invasive option but i'd prefer to go for the hysterectomy". I did and I've had no problems since. They actually left my ovaries in place  so no menopause for me but say I still had a radical hysterectomy as everything else was removed. I don't regret it for a second. I didn't want anymore children and I know every trace of cancer was removed. Incidentally I have just had my first check up on Weds and still all clear! They are really happy with my recovery and progress xxx

Hi there. Just wanted to offer you some reassurance following your diagnosis. No two people are the same but I myself am 47 years old with an under active thyroid. I also suffer from a hormone imbalance.  I underwent a radical hysterectomy on 19 November together with ovary removal and lymph node removal. I had expected horrendous menopause symptoms but luckily to date other than a few more hot flushes nothing has really changed. I had my three month check on 29 February and everything is clear and healing well.  Apart from the odd twinge I'd say life is back to normal. Hope this helps. Meanwhile try to remain positive and feel free to ask anything.

Thanks Helsbels - that is very reassuring - having had years of issues with hormones the whole early menopause filled be with dread of what might come - nice to know you had a good experience - has certainly made me more positive. Had my CT andMRI scans today. CT was fine - i have to own up to pressing the panic button during the MRI and being terrified throughout .....my heart was pounding so much that i thought it would explode.....now just have to wait for the results......which will be an agonising wait..

Can i ask about your recovery from the operation - week by week, what you could do getting out of bed - being up and about, toilet etc? and how long before you could drive etc? i am also used to being so active that having forced rest will be 'challenging' if i cant fill it with anything - already planned to get busy on Ebay listing all the stuff that i said i would sell over the years.

My husband works full time and will have to continue to do so and i am wondering if i will need any help at home or if i should be okay? sorry for all the questions - hope you dont mind?

I've pm'd you x

Hi All & Marlboroughlady,

I am in the middle of a very similar experience. Early stage found and removed (Feb 4th). Was advised of 2 options 4 monthly smears or hysterectomy. Am 36, finished having my family so have chosen hysterectomy. Have to say am finding it all very worrying and difficult but I have found this forum a great support. They are leaving my ovaries in and I also have thyroid problems so I am anxious about how I'll feel afterwards. Would be grateful to hear more similar experiences.