Hysterectomy in 6 weeks (children mentioned)

Hi, I have been having smear tests and regular colposcopys for the past 18 months, I was first diagnosed with cin3, I had lletz treatment and carried on having regular colposcopys which all showed mild changes, I had a colposcopy back in january which revealed severe changes and i was called back for a biopsy, The results showed cin3 again but this time it covered a larger area than before, I went to see my consultant and i was offered a hysterectomy which i accepted, I am 38 and have 2 teenage children, I am glad it will all be over and will probably not have any more children but the fact that the decision has been taken away from me is quite upsetting, The way i see it is i am getting the cancer before it gets me, I am also worried about the actual operation and the recovery time, I would really appreciate any information from someone who has been through it? Thanks in advance

hey sally, Im not much help to be honest, but just to say that my experience of this is very similar to yours, (im 33 with 3 kids) and my hysterectomy is meant to be next friday...however i have my pre op tomorrow and i have horrendous hayfever so i think they may say im unfit for surgery at the minute :(

i too am worried about the recovery and the op, but i have heard some positive things and im not as worried as i once was, anyhow, fingers crossed for us both that we sail through it

Hugs xx

thanks so much for the reply, my pre op is on may the 31st and my op is on 4th of june, I am worried because i am a single mum, My children are 17 and 14, Just hope they help me out, Hope everything goes well with you xx

Hi Sally,

I’m 5 weeks post radical hyst now. I’d recommend looking at the Hyster Sisters website, it’s American but they have a lot of good advice.

I wrote a blog which is on my profile should you want a personal account. I was dealing with a cancer diagnosis though so not sure if your op will be exactly the same.

I’d say the first 2-3 weeks are hard going, but it gets a lot better after that.

Take care xx