Hysterectomy for no cervix??

Hi I'm new to the group and have scanned lots of questions and answers. I had CIN 3 in 2008 and had lazer treatment. Now here in 2013 I have CIN 3 again, had my biopsy done and was called in for a LOOP. It couldn't be performed because the gynecologist told me I had no cervix left from my lazer treatment, and advised me to come back in 5 days to get booked in for hysterectomy. I'm know wondering what booked in means? Pre op? And how long it takes to get Me in for my op. I am a single mum and need to make arrangements for when I'm in and care for all of us after. Not scared of the op just anxious as I plan ahead for everything!! Any help or advice would be great . Xxxx 

Hello Kerry.  I'm not sure how the system works in your area, in my case the surgery dates etc were organised by  the specialist team we have here in Northern Ireland. It sounds like you have to book an appointment yourself? like there's awaiting list or something.  

I can only tell you that in my case I had keyhole radical hysterectomy and spent about 5 days in hospital.  I was up walking about after the first day and when I got home was surprised that I was pain free and able to go about the house with relative ease.  Having said that I didn't do any housework/lifting stuff or anything other than fend for myself where eating, dressing etc was involved.

Physically I have never looked back - the surgery took very little out of me if you know what I mean. Obviously the problem was more in my head, given my diagnosis, which luckily you don't have.  I'd say you will probably manage ok, physically, after the op, just take it easy - don't strain yourself.

Hope some of this helps.



Thanks for your reply. It's great to speak to people and not just sat wondering what an earth is going in. X I guess I will find out more Wednesday and I'm sure the actual operation won't be  soon. I have seen some good ideas such as having packed lunches made up when out on recovery etc so am starting a plan of good idea's and asking friends and family for help, I am a whirlwind and never sit down so need a word with myself with that! Lol. Ita just the waiting part