Hysterectomy for hpv

Hi All
Has anyone had a hysterectomy for persistent HPV? And abnormal cell’s.


Hi i would also like to know thid as i asked if its an option when i went for my lletz a few back and the dr might aswell have laughed at me he looked at me as though i was stupid but the worry stress and anxiety of this keep continuing isnt nice at all im finding it very draining i had lletz for cin3 back before i had my youngest who is now 5 i then had yearly smears for 3 year which all came back low changes had my forst one in october after been put back to every 3 years and had to have another lletz. I was told on the ohone they expected low cells but found cin 2 and 3 to recieve my letter saying cin1 when i questioned this i never really got an answer as to which it actually was xxxxx



A hysterectomy would not cure hpv, so this is why it is not offered. It may be offered for recurrent high grade abnormal cells, but not for something like CIN1, and not for having hpv on its own.

You can still have abnormal cells after a hysterectomy, so you still need check ups after surgery (called a vault smear). Active hpv could cause abnormal cells on the vaginal cuff, or in the vagina, on the labia etc so a hysterectomy isn’t a cure all unfortunately. x


This was the reson id asled for recurring abnormal cells at first time was cin 3 and was told this time was cin 2 and 3 but then lettwr saod different to what the nurse om the phone told me my results were will wait fkr test of cure then see how to go from there about lookikg into it xxx

Its awful isnt it…
I completely understand how you feel.
God knows how many years ive had this hpv. But im past child bearing years so id rather get rid!
Men dont understand all what we go through with this vaginal palava . If he did he might not of looked at you like that!

Dreading the colposcopy on monday :pensive:


It really is awful. His reply was a firm sharp no followed by doing that in here would be like hitting a nut with a sledgehammer :thinking: i wasnt asking him to do it for me i was asking what my option eere if this were to continue obviously i knee he couldkt perform a hysterectomy. He then asked if i had anymore questions so i just said noneven though i had loads i wanted to talk about but didnt feel i could. Hopwfully you get some answers xxxx

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Why dont you contact PAL’S at the hospital…
Explain to them what happened and your so anxious and need to talk to someone. And for them to explain things to you.
You dont have to put up with not having your voice heard.

Ill see what they say to me on monday…
I know someone on here earlier that hysterectomys are not always the answer but im sure i read on this site somewhere that hysterectomys are performed for persistent changes.
My head is frazzled.

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Ive tried putting it to the back of my mind and putting on a smile will hopefully get results through soon from my lletz and go from there… good luck for monday xx

They can be performed in some circumstances but it won’t get rid of hpv and you still need future checks, which is why I have said a hysterectomy is not the answer.

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Yep got it.

Just to add to Lilypingu’s comment, I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago for persistent HPV after many other treatments in-between. I was unlucky as it still persisted and developed into VAIN and this year cancer most likely due to being unable to remove abnormal cells that were in the vaginal vault scar tissue where they had removed my cervix.

I say unlucky, as it’s quite rare to develop in this way, and for me this has been over a 10 year period. There are not many ladies on here in this position.

As far as I know I still have HPV in my system…I think of it like a version of long COVID. I did have discussions this year with my team about the latest research on the HPV vaccine for older women having some evidence of success, but it’s still early days to be anything concrete, so I didn’t pursue this as I was deemed ‘too old’ to get it for free - I’m 48.

Following successful Cancer treatment in April / May this year, this is the first time in years I have had no symptoms e.g. unusual discharge. I feel almost normal.

I have no idea if it will come back again but for now it is good.

I hoped my hysterectomy was going to be the last of it but it just delayed it developing more quickly. And as I said a tiny patch of abnormal cells was never completely removed.

Sometimes I’m not sure if a hysterectomy was the right choice for me - this is my own personal thoughts, not a medical opinion, as it developed further anyway. I will never know. Weirdly the cancer treatment feels more positive right now.

I hope that helps.



I had an abdominal hysterectomy for persistent VAIN3. At the time I also had persistent hpv, think i had it for 30 years. I had the hysterectomy because of the VAIN3 not the HPV. I worked with my gynaeoncology team to try things to clear the HPV. I started taking AHCC and also got the HPV vaccination (I was over the age where I could automatically get it but my GP gave it to me because of my history). It took about 6 months but the HPV cleared. I have been hpv clear since 2015. I would suggest you at least try AHCC and ask about vaccination (even if you have to go private). Hysterectomy is a big operation and it took me a long time to recover and it won’t clear the hpv. Even after my hysterectomy the hpv was still in my vagina and still able to cause problems (vaginal cancer arises from VAIN - abnormal cells in wall of vagina caused by hpv). Best of luck with getting rid of it.

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I dont think i could have the vaccine as im over 45.
Just read up about it.

Glad it worked for you :blush:

Hiya… I’ve just had the vaccine privately. I’m 59 so had to lie about my age, which I didn’t like doing, but needs must. I need to know I’ve tried everything possible to clear HPV, for my own state of mind. I think if you’re willing to pay for the vaccine an age limit shouldn’t be applied.

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How old did you say you was?

I said I was 44 as you cant have it over 45 and I need the second vaccine in 6 months time. I had to spend more time putting my makeup on😳Boots and super drug do it. Just make sure to memorise the date of birth as they ask you when you attend😊


Thankyou … i doubt id get away with it being in my fifties but was a nice thought.

I’m 59 and did so worth a try. I don’t think they would say you look older than what you says as they would think it’s being disrespectful :woozy_face:


Im taking turkey tail … so hoping that might help.
So unbelievably anxious about monday.
Cant believe here i go again after 7 months

Hiya… how did it go for you Monday? If you don’t mind me asking xx