Hysterectomy for high grade dyskaryosis

As above really. Has anyone had this?

Had abnormal smear in september, cin 3 confirmed with biopsy at colposcopy. lletz performed under GA in January with clear margins.

Had my 6mth check last month. Had colposcopy but no biopsy. Results has come back high grade dyskaryosis and my case was sent straight back to the surgeon. They have had their meeting and decided a hysterectomy is my only option as I don't have much cervix left!

 I'm waiting on my appointment to see surgeon to discuss this but was wondering if anyone has been through this.

Seems quite drastic and I'm wondering if it's worth a second opinion.


Should add Im also HPV +.






I would maybe go for a second opinion. Seems very drastic for cin3. I'm sure someone else would be able to clarify but surely if there's not enough cervix to do a lletz or cone they can still consider trachalectomy? Xx

Hi Bobby,

Like Jojo has said it does sound drastic, although at the same time they are going to need to get rid of the cells due to the nature of CIN 3. It's definitely worth asking about a trachelectomy if this is something you'd be more comfortable with. Is there enough cervix for them to laser the cells even? It's a treatment they can still do, although used less commonly now.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, and do also ask about whether they'll be doing vaginal vault smears after any procedure too. 

All the best.