Hysterectomy - did you keep your ovaries?


I’m nearly 41 and I have CIN 3 and severe dyskaryosis and after several procedures the next step for me is a hysterectomy as they believe the cause is higher up.

Because of my age the consultant has told me it is my choice and their appears to be no real health reasons other than a slight risk it could turn into something nasty.

Did you keep your ovaries and how did you make that decision?

Lletz, loop and 2 cone biopsies within 3 years
Severe dyskaryosis
and constant light bleeding


i am 32 and have 1b2 cc (though this may be downgraded to 1b1 at next MDT meeting once test results are back).

i had a radical hysterectomy on Wednesday 6th jan 2016 and although they said it was my choice to keep ovaries or not I opted for removal as the risk of recurrence is reduced.  It was tough to decide and felt quite final but I already have a 2 yr old and as I wasn't going to be able to carry another child the ovaries weren't really required. I'm now on HRT though it hasn't kicked in yet and am still getting hot flushes etc. Due to my age HRT doesn't increase risk of breast cancer as it is oestrogen only and just replacing what my ovaries would have made anyway, at least that is my understanding. I feel better knowing my prognosis is better without ovaries and that they can also now be tested to check whether cancer was present and determine if further treatment is required.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


Yeah definitely a tough choice and lots of conflicting advice out there.

Sounds like the right one for you and I imagine potentially a harder decision at a younger age? 

I'm ok with not having children but more concerned with how early menopause will feel or things taking longer to heal. Plus I feel like I don't know enough about the female reproductive system or possible risks....feels like a crash course of information!

Thankfully it hasn't developed into anything worse yet but so many procedures in such a short time has been incredibly stressful at times, so my irrational side just wants it all out.

I hope it works out for you and you get that downgrade x