Hysterectomy date! Crapping my panties

Hi Ladies,

I’ve just got my date for my hysterectomy, 7th sept. I’ve gone into melt down now. I’ve had a Fabulous few weeks since they told me they found no cancer in the cone.
I’ve now gone from being happy go lucky to thinking holy crap …
I’m petrified they’ll find something else and this won’t be the end of it. I have voiced my concerns to the gynea cancer specialist who said they are not expecting to find anything! She’s told me to enjoy my life which I fully intend too!!
She also told me that she felt the hysterectomy was ‘overkill’ in her own words. I know I need it done and I was fine with it however it’s just so final and massive.

Any tips gratefully received

I've got no tips I'm afraid but you aren't alone . I'm waiting for a date for a RH x I had an exploratory op on Wednesday for 1b1 and and now just waiting for the call X 

im sure all will be well x



Hi Michelle :-)

There are two posts further down this page stuffed full of tips for a radical hysterectomy; one begun by ClaireG and another begun by BeckyG10

Be lucky :-)

You don't have to have the hysterectomy. If your nurse has said it's overkill and you really don't want it. You always, always have the choice. Do your own research, find ladies who were the same stage as you Etc etc. It's easy to sometimes get swept away by what is being offered. If it was me I'd call back the nurse and ask if it really needs to be Done. Ask what your percentage chances are of it coming back with and without hysterectomy. 

Ultimately it's your body. 


Good luck