Hysterectomy because of CGIN

Hi everybody


I'm new to this forum but finding it a great comfort. I've had 2 LLETZ procedures to remove CGIN. After having no clear margins at all on the 2nd one, the advise is to have a hysterectomy.  I'm ok with it, I've had my kids and I feel like I've had a lucky escape. So I'm just wondering if anyone has any information on what to expect from a hysterectomy, how they do it? What is recovery like? How long will I be in hospital? Will I go through menopause? What is menopause like? Has anyone had a hysterectomy for CGIN or CIN and cancer has been found during surgery? Sorry lots of questions!! 

Hi Kirstshan. I didn't have CGIN but CIN 3 which developed into CC. I was post menopausal at the time but needed a radical hysterectomy which was carried out laparascopically. Sounds as though yours has been found early so you may not need a rad hysterectomy but a simple one. Ovaries might be left intact so no menopause. It depends on the consultant as to whether you have a laparascopic hysterectomy or the abdominal incision. Recovery times will obviously depend on what you have. If you are fit and well then it's an inconvenience but you recover in about 6 weeks. Can't lift things or drive for a couple of weeks, but if you plan for it and get people to help then you will be fine. Good luck with the op if that's what you go for.

Thank you rachel.