Hysterectomy appointment came, now im scared.

hey all, im being irriational and i realise that, My total abdominal hysterectomy appointment came through yesterday, (after consultant apologised for the delay i should of had it 3 weeks ago) for the 3rd of may

which also makes me wonder how bad its all grown...(had 3 cin3 severe dys. & hpv which is stubborn and keeps coming back)

Anyhow, now im paranoid im going to die....i know...melodramatic maybe, but im stressing they do something wrong or dont give me enough knock out stuff and i wake up during...or i feel it all...and then im wondering just how bad the pain will be after....(no stranger to discomfort just had chest tattooed)

i do think i must have done something pretty crappy in a previous life, i have had a pretty shocking life upto 2 yrs ago when i met my now husband and im really enjoying life, im finally happy and proper content, the kids are all happy (as much as teenagers are! lol) and now this...bloody change...cant help thinking someone upstairs is taking the piss with this bloody hand he has dealt me.

Sorry, feeling scared and just a little why me. i will snap out of it soon i hope and look on the positive side :/ but until then i will sit here being mardy.


Hey Sindie I had my hysterectomy almost 6 years ago now, what you are feeling and thinking is not irrational! What you need is something else to focus on. You have kids so focus on them or plan a hol even just a weekend away in a tent or a family gathering, BBQ, picnic or dinner party.

Trust me it helps, I distracted myself with my son and it worked till the night b4 my op when I was in the hosp all alone with my thoughts. That was scary! I took in pics to sit next 2 my bed and told the nurses b4 my op when I wake up I want 2 see them next 2 me still. I woke up n there was my boys smile looking back at me.

You will get through this and I didn't feel a thing or wake up thru the op lol I was knocked out and had an epidural so when I awoke I still felt nothing but tiredness. 1st thing I said was, "where is my tongue piercing?" lol so don't panic and enjoy having your hubby n kids do the chores while u rest x

Hi there,

I had the radical hysterectomy just over 4 weeks ago and I’m well on my way to recovery now.

It is a major op, but a common one (there were a few ladies in my ward and pre theatre having similar) and the anaesthetists, surgeons, nurses all know exactly what they are doing. I had an epidural and general anesthetic and the anaesthetist stayed with me all through the op to ensure the dose was always right. They won’t let you wake up so try not to worry, you will be put under then wake up and won’t realise anything happened!

Try booking in some treats and fun time before the operation, get a haircut etc as it will distract you well. Cook some meals to out in the freezer so you have plenty ready for afterwards.

The first couple of weeks are hard, but you get better every day!

My op was different to yours but similar in ways so let me know if you have any questions.

Best of luck,


Hi Sindie

I know exactly how you feel , had my hysterectomy three weeks ago , for three repeat CIN 3 and high grade HPV . two failed lletz .It was a tough decision to make because Im only 35 and keep geeting told that i wouldnt get cervical cancer but I have two healthy gorgeous children and just felt it was the best solution for me. I was terrified prior to surgery ,I spent lots of time planning and making sure the children where prepared for me to be in hospital , they are omly 6 and 5 yrs .

The surgery was fine and i was home within 4 days , and now spending the next twelve weeks at home being a lady of leisure , which is frustrating for me as Im so used to jsut doing everything at home but just have to remember i cant!!!!!

I hope that it all goes ok for you xxxxx

Hi Sindie,


Its completely natural to be scared, I know I was! I had my hysterectomy just over 6 weeks ago, after the CIn3 cells they took out during the llez contained cc 1b1. I felt no pain at any point post surgery, just what I would call minor discomfort at times, but the pain relief kept in top of that. I was out of hospital 2 days post op, and will be going back to work next week. The hardest part for me was not being able to pick my 14 month old up, as long as I'm very careful i can even do that now.



Try not to worry about the delay, my consultant told me that a couple of weeks delay wouldn't make any difference.




Good luck


Lucy xxx

Thanx for the replies ladies, you have made me relax a little!! i have my pre op tomorrow, but over the last couple of days ive been smacked in the face by severe hayfever and asthma!! it doesnt rain but it pores, just concerned now they will put it back as im wheezing and cough and sneezing all over the place :( fingers crossed it all goes ok xx