Hysterectomy after HPV and cell changes

I had a regular smear test at the age of 38 and to my surprise, i had results of HPV and marginal cell changes. I was fast tracked in for immediate Lletz treatment and biopsy. I was told it went well and things appeared normal and to wait for results. 6 weeks later, i got the phone call that there was still evidence of abnormal cells CGIN but i was not told what grade they were. I was fast tracked in again for a Lletz and biopsy. Six weeks later, i received a letter explaining that i would be discussed during a meeting about the next steps, which would be likely to be a hysterectomy as another Lletz procedure could be a risk. It was decided it would be a hysterectomy and i would keep my ovaries, given my age. 2 weeks later, i went for my pre op assessment qnd about 4 weeks later i had the hysterectomy.
I am now 3 almost 4 weeks post op and recovering well. A few days ago, i got the letter with details of the histology report regarding the screening of my womb etc. It explained that i had high grade cgin present in my cervix. I felt extremely relieved to have had the treatment. They dealt with the situation rapidly. I hope this brings some reassurance to anyone going through the same or a similar situation.
Louisa x


Thank you for sharing, Lou, and so pleased to hear your treatment was prompt and successful. CGIN is indeed aggressive and fast growing, so your team have made sure it doesn’t go any further. You must be so relieved and we are always happy to read a success story! X

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So glad your recovery from Hysterectomy is going well and you were so well look after by your medical team a brilliant success story. Take care

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