Hysterectomy after a trachelectomy

Hi I had a trachelectomy in 2009.  I have had problems with periods and spotting for the past 18 months with them lasting for up to 3 weeks a time.  My gyn has ruled out hormones/stitch issues and says that it is due to the trachelectomy.  Has anyone else had a hysterectomy after a trachelectomy?  Just would like to know about other's experiences.  Thanks. 


Sorry to hear that you may have a hysterectomy after you had a trachelectomy. I just wanted to say hello and that I had my trach in December. I had a week of spotting recently but they think it was due to my mini pill x 

Hi Lucieloo... i will probably need one! At the moment we are trying for baby, but my oncologist wants to do the completion hysterectomy at some stage. Mine was more due to there being an intermediate cancer recurrance risk. It is supposed to be a bit more tricky due to scarring/damage that a trach causes. Hope you find an easier fix for your troubles xx