Hysterectomy 2 years on- children mentioned

Hysterectomy 2 years on- children mentioned

Its been a long time since ive been on here. My story: diagnosed with cc 1a1 and CGIN in 2010, had a lletz then cine biopsy and they got it all. Amazingly had another baby since, she is 2 in September so 2 girls now. Don't want anymore babies so I was booked in for sterilisation today under my gynae surgeon but them my oncologist told me he would do a hysterectomy if I was certain I didn't want more children. 

This is what I want, my worries are that I'm a nurse and start my midwifery training in September so he has said he would do it in June. How have you got on with the recovery ladies? I had 2 sections and recovered really well. I am really struggling at the moment with everything relating to the cancer. At the time I was so positive and rarely cried. Since then I have tried not to think, talk or deal with it but have started counselling a month ago and finding its really helping. My overriding fear is that it is going to come back. I really hope this doesn't offend anyone because I know others haven't had the choice of a hysterectomy or not. They told me that when I was diagnosed this is what they'd have down if we didn't want more children.Sarah x

18/08/10- 1st smear (25 years old )showed CIN3 and CGIN 2/09/10- Colposcosy, Lletz and biopsy 27/09/10-diagnosed with CC 1a1 12/10/10  cone biopsy under GA 19/10/10- all clear

Hi Sarah,

As a nurse, you probably know this already but my understanding is that a radical hysterectomy will give you the best chance of getting rid of the worry and the risk. I had CGIN/adenocarcinoma too and I was told that it doesn't always occur in one patch so I would have been very nervous to have kept tissue where it might linger or recur.

Everyone is different but at 3 months after a laparascopic radical hysterectomy with ovaries and lymph nodes removed, I was physically healing quite well, but I still had quite a lot of abdominal swelling, some tenderness and occasional pains and some numbness in my leg and bladder arising from knocked about nerves.  The main physical things were lack of stamina/fatigue and menopause symptoms - I did find sitting on hard chairs uncomfortable too.

I came back to work part time at 3 months and for the first month I was pretty much only here in body. I am not sure I would have been ready to start a demanding course of study.

As I say, everyone is different and you might be fine though. I think you should talk to your oncologist and try to get your operation asap (I asked them to keep me in mind if they had a cancellation, it does happen) but also talk to your college so that they understand that you might need some additional leeway, physical assistance or even possibly to defer your course for a while, particulalrly as its midwifery.

It's impossible to know how you'll feel but this treatment is emotionally very challenging. I am older than you and would probably have started the menopause in a couple of years anyway, but even with applying all the logic in the world, I still feel odd about having my reproductive organs removed. I have a pregnant friend and feel a little strange around her, as she does around me, I think.

Forgive me if I'm overstepping the mark, but I think maybe this is a time to think about priorities. Your health and getting clear of this shadow hanging over you and your family is the main thing. Career considerations come second and manging sources of stress down/out so that you can concentrate on recovery is important.

Goodluck! xxx Kiss

p.s. Macmillan has good information and suggestions about returning working after treatment http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Cancerinformation/Livingwithandaftercancer/Workandcancer/Workandcancer.aspx