Hysterectomy 2 years on- children mentioned

Its been a long time since ive been on here. My story: diagnosed with cc 1a1 and CGIN in 2010, had a lletz then cine biopsy and they got it all. Amazingly had another baby since, she is 2 in September so 2 girls now. Don't want anymore babies so I was booked in for sterilisation today under my gynae surgeon but them my oncologist told me he would do a hysterectomy if I was certain I didn't want more children. 

This is what I want, my worries are that I'm a nurse and start my midwifery training in September so he has said he would do it in June. 
How have you got on with the recovery ladies? I had 2 sections and recovered really well. 
I am really struggling at the moment with everything relating to the cancer. At the time I was so positive and rarely cried. Since then I have tried not to think, talk or deal with it but have started counselling a month ago and finding its really helping. My overriding fear is that it is going to come back. 
I really hope this doesn't offend anyone because I know others haven't had the choice of a hysterectomy or not. They told me that when I was diagnosed this is what they'd have down if we didn't want more children.
Sarah x