Hyst VS Trach.. thoughts greatly appreciated xx

Hi girls, hope everyone is feeling strong, not sure what the weather is like in the UK but here in Ireland it is BALTIC!
Anyway, a bit of advice would be great if yez get a chance. I had my 2nd opinion a couple of days ago and I have been told that a Trachelectomy is a small possibility for me (they are discussing it at MDT and I go back in next Tues to discuss with my new consultant and new hospital, who is AMAZING btw). I am 1b adenocarcinoma. He told me that there is a 12% chance of recurrence with a trachelectomy at my stage and a 5% chance of recurrence with a hysterectomy. I’ll have to get my lymph nodes out too (separate question; did any of you get lymphodema?) What would you guys do? It’s a massive decision. If I thought I could preserve my womb it would be the best thing that has ever happened to me. However, I don’t want to put myself at risk. What do you guys think of those percentages?
Either way, my op is on 19th Feb, eek!

Two questions for you Maeve;

Do you want to have children in the future?
Are they planning to take the ovaries with the hysterectomy?

One trick I play on myself when I cannot come to a decision is I flip a coin for it. If I am disappointed with the result then I know that deep down I did have a preference and I go with that, not the coin.

Be lucky :-)


I really feel for you, its such a tough decision. I was in a similar position. I was 31 with no children so i opted for the trachelectomy. They did say while  I was under that if they thought it had spread there was a chance they would do a hysterectomy. 

Luckily the margins were clear and the trach went ahead successfully and they placed a TAC (Trans abdominal cerclarge) in at the same time. I would encourage all ladies who have a trach and want to concieve to have a TAC placed at the same time as it closes what ever is left of the cervix and basically keeps a baby in!  

3 years on and i'm pregnant with our first child. Coincidentally I am having my c section on the 19th Feb.

I did have lymphodema but it only lasted a few days and massage helped so try not to worry about that. 

The hospital keep a very close eye on me and its always in my head that one day it might come back, but my desire to start a family outweighed the 12% chance of reoccurance.

Obviously its a very personal decision and you need to think about whats right for you.

Sending you lots of strength and good wishes.


Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your replies. And parkyparks I feel as if I'm talking to a celebrity, I have read all your posts and your blog and it is such a great story of hope . I love the fact that you met your lovely fella during treatment. My fear would be that guys would run a mile but obviously not so! How has your pregnancy been?

Tivoli, I want babies more than anything. Yes I can keep my ovaries and I have eggs frozen but I am acutely aware of how difficult and expensive surrogacy is and it's illegal in Ireland so I'd have to go abroad.

Bowie and Rickman both passing of cancer this week has freaked me out. This disease is merciless and I'm really scared and confused.


Hi Maeve,

It sounds to me as though your mind is already made up that the trach is the best option for you.

There is cancer and there is cancer, not all cancers are equal. I don't know what kind of cancer Alan Rickman died of but it wasn't cervical cancer. David Bowie died of liver cancer which was probably attributable to the fact that he was a life-long smoker. Cervical cancer is a very treatable one so please don't put yourself in the same class as those two.

Be lucky :-)

Ahh bless you - thanks for taking the time out to read my ramblings! If it helps other people then that makes me feel wonderful, so thanks for the compliment. The pregnancy is going really well thanks - just 5 weeks left now.

It's such a massive decision and one i wish you didnt have to make. I remember wishing that someone else would make the choice for me or i had a crystal ball to look into to see how each decision would pan out.

Unfortunately its only you that can decide. But what ever you choose, do it with all your heart and go into it with a positive attitude. 

Feel free to get in touch if you need a ear and please try to enjoy the weekend and I hope you have lots of people running around and spoiling you.