Hyperbaric Oxygen


I was wondering if anyone has had hyperbaric oxygen treatment pre or post surgery and can advise on their experience of it. It has been recommended to me by an oncologist and I'm curious to speak to anyone that has had it. I am due to have a radical hysterectomy which is being done laparoscopically (not sure even if that's a word, keyhole basically!) and I also suffer from lymphoedema so the surgeon is performing sentinel node biopsy as a way of preventing removing all pelvic lymph glands. There are many benefits to hyperbaric oxygen, one of which is to reduce lymphoedema apparently so I would like to hear from someone that has had experience of it.






I know of several people who have had it for radiation damage/PRD and it has really helped them The course itself is hard as you can get very tired, and a friend said that you can get pains where the nerves are being 'brought back to life', but both people I know have been amazed at the difference it has made to them. Go for it if you are lucky enough to get funding...

Ceri xx

Hi…may I ask where you had your sentinel node biopsy and if it was successful?? Thank you…Sandi