Hvp lesbian


I'm not really good at this type of thing but I'll give it ago. 

2 years ago I went for my smear, results came back with abnormal cells and hvp positive. My now ex gf had genital warts in the past and had no idea she still had the hvp. So I was booked in for the coloscopy (however you spell it) and biopsy.. Results came back that they didn't need to see for another 3 years... But wasn't great with info on hvp.

Me and my ex have now split and had my follow up smear done beginning of this month, got my results yesturday and still hvp positive but no abnormal cells this time (good).. Reality has finally hit me with hvp, I feel like I cannot simply meet another woman to be sexually active with them.. It dosnt matter how safe I can be, I'll always worry that I'm still passing it on.  So if I don't be sexually active at least I'm saving other women some worry right? But now I'm just feeling extremely alone with this, me and the ex aren't on speaking terms which is hard because she has it and could still support each other with this. I don't think she takes it as seriously as I do, not sure if that's a good thing or not because she would need to tell potential partners. 

I just feel like my life has changed completely and now I have a new strain of anxiety to be on top of my anxiety. 

Hi Haleyjane

There are a lot of different stains of HPV and the ones that cause genital warts are different to the ones that can cause cervical cancer.  Only those that can cause cervical cancer are tested for when you have a smear test.

Every year tens of thousands of women in the UK get the sort of results you have so if every one of those women decided they could no longer be sexually active then the world would become a very strange place.  It's great that your colposcopy indicated you don't need to be seen for another 3 years - there's a very high chance that your immune system will clear the virus and you well may not have any more abnormal results.  Having said that HPV is a tricky little thing and has the ability to lie dormant in the body for many years and then suddenly reactivate in which case it may start to cause problems, so never ever get complacent and always keep up to date with your smears. Keeping up to date with smear tests is the key thing - not punishing yourself through a life of abstention for something that's not your fault - it's no one's fault, HPV is here to stay but we're lucky to live in a country that has a cervical screening programme which massively reduces the chances of getting cervical cancer. 

I suggest a good way forward would be to get yourself genned up about hpv and when you understand it more you will be less afraid. When you meet your next partner it would be good to have a discussion about HPV and share your knowledge about it - if she doesn't know already;  ideally we should all be educated about HPV - knowledge is power and means we know how best to protect our health.  Sadly I had some mistaken beliefs and unfounded fears about smear tests which led me to stop going when I was 50y - see my back story. 

To get genned up about HPV I suggest the information that is available on this website - see link: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/information/hpv


It's so good for you not to have sex with anyone for the fear of passing the Hvp. Not all can actually do that-they can't control. Better be open to your next relationhip about your situation for them to fully undersand you. 

I suggest a good way forward would be to get yourself genned up about hpv and when you understand it more you will be less afraid.