HSIL Pap Smear result, but negative for HPV.

My girlfriend recently had a pap smear completed, and she was told to come back for a follow-up (which was 3 weeks away). She was told the pap smear showed HSIL cellular changes but was NEGATIVE for HPV. Does anyone know what this means or why this result would occur? Her follow-up was today and the colposcopy showed there is severe changes to her cervical cells, but again negative for HPV. The gynocologist wouldn't give us much information until the biopsy results come in next week. So now we sit and wait. Just a terrified boyfriend looking for some answers. Anyone?  Thank you.

hiya, I understand why you are concerned about your girlfriend. Basically HPV must have been present in her body at some time and this has caused changed to her cervix. You say she tested negative for HPV, the thing is with HPV it can lie dormant in your body for years but suddenly something can trigger it off. The gynae probably won't give you any more info until the biopsy results come in cos they want to make sure that they are right before they tell you anything, which I know is frustrating but please hang in there! Whatever the outcome you just need to be there like you have been so far for her and remember she is in good hands no matter what. It might be a good idea to write down any questions that you might have for the gynae. Good luck!!!