HSIL pap but normal biopsies?

I am 24 years old. I had my first pap smear in early 2014. I was diagnosed with HPV and LSIL. I was told it’d probably fix itself within 2 years and not to worry.

In 2015 following the birth of my daughter, I had a pap smear that came back LSIL still. I was referred to the colposcopy clinic but didn’t go because I fell pregnant again 9 weeks after my daughter’s birth and didn’t feel ok with it.

In 2016, following the birth of my second daughter I had another pap smear. It came back LSIL still! So I went to colposcopy clinic. In September 2016 I was told I had HSIL and there was a little lump thing up there which was a bundle of cells that usually is common in women with high levels of estrogen. No idea what the name was of the thing. They said it looked fine but did 2 biopsies.

The biopsies came back NORMAL.

Now I have to go back to the colposcopy clinic for another check up and I am not sure what I am meant to expect??? Why is my pap smear saying its high grade changes from low grade? why is my biopsies normal??

What is the usual treatment in a case like this? Just leave it??? I’m a bit worried.