HSIL on pap. This will be my third Leep in 1.5 years and need insight

I had my first LEEP 1.5 ago for a high grade CIN 3 lesion. Second LEEP in February and at my follow up pap last week it came back with HSIL again. My doctor seems to be under the impression that only so many LEEPs are possible and is hinting at a hysterectomy if this next one fails which is a bummer because I’m only 28 :( I’m wondering if anyone has any insight into how many LEEPS are actually feasible, alternative routes that can be taken, new methods, voodoo ? Anything ?!

hey heathbell, I've got my 3rd leep next month. how did yours go?

I don't know what to expect at this stage.

Hi heathbell

Hopefully your next LEEP will do the trick.   I'm not sure of all the options between LEEP and hysterectomy but a trachelectomy is one of them- see following link (from this website): https://www.jostrust.org.uk/information/cervical-cancer/treatments/surgery/trachelectomy