HSIL/CIN3 and now a second LEEP right after the first?


So I'm 28 years old and I have HSIL/CIN3. I had LEEP about 3 weeks ago and have been informed I need to get another. 

The surgery pathology results say that I had positive margins and also that there was cause for concern of "superficially invasive carcinoma" and they sent the results to an expert who agreed but said that there was "insufficient evidence" of the carcinoma.

I have been googling annd reading so much and I'm basically always on the brink of a panic attack. My boyfriend has been wonderful but it's hard to feel secure in my relationship when I feel like a burden and worry about the lack of sex. I'm lucky to have a strong support system but I just want this to be over.


I'm not sure what I'm asking, I'm just scared and upset and mad. I feel too young to be dealing with this and I'm in the middle of grad school and I can't afford to lose my job. I feel like I'm barely hanging on right now and I have trouble feeling hopeful that this second LEEP will come back without the positive margins. Is this as bad as it feels or am I misunderstanding something and overreacting? 

This post was a while ago but I thought I will respond I am now in similar situation than you also Cin3 got treatment 3 weeks ago but no clear margins now going again for coloscopy in a couple of months and probably 2 LLETZ will be need it. Also feeling a bit useless for my husband right now but he is been very supportive . Good luck and hope all goes well