Hi Everyone:

As I am sure you can tell from my username, I’m scared. I’m honestly not sure if I am more scared or confused though. I had papsmear that came back HSIL and positive HPV test (November 2014). HPV came back negative for strands 16, 18. I had follow up colposcopy (March 2015). The colposcopy came back with CIN3 and the doctor suggested I get a LEEP (March 2015). However, being that I am still pretty young, and based upon my research about cervical cancer being slow developing and the negative test for HPV16, 18, I told the doctor I did not want a LEEP and I wanted cryotherapy. She refused to do cryotherapy saying she’d only treat CIN1 with cryotherapy and it was LEEP or nothing. So, I searched far and wide, in vain to find a doctor who would do cryotherapy. I met with one who’s staff advised me (incorrectly) that he did cryotherapy. It turns out he did not. So anyway, realizing that my dream of treating this with cryotherapy was rapidly going down the drain, I called up the original doctor who did the colposcopy, she had me come back in and repeat a Pap (January 2016). The results are in and they show AGC (I’m not sure what subclassifications). I am scared because I have no idea what the heck this means. Does it mean the CIN3 has become cancer? Is it completely unrelated to the CIN3? Would a Pap result ever be HSIL AND AGC? Is it possible that this is a good sign? Has anyone here had AGC? What were your experiences? Does this mean I’m destined to have a cold knife conization–something I want less than I wanted LEEP? Are the Gods punishing me for not having LEEP when the first doctor said it was indicated? Is it wrong to think that a slightly less effective treatment (cryotherapy) is better than no treatment?

sorry. i’m just very scared. all this is happening at the same time my boyfriend is diagnosed with prostate cancer. I suppose we can have his and her cancer. Or we can apparently share in the joy of cancer but not children? Grumble.

I am so sorry you are going through this, and prayers for you and your bf. I can not offer much insight, but I do not think any of your gets definitively mean cancer. I had a pap come back with atypical glandular cells. I was sent for a transvaginal ultrasound, colposcopy, cervical and endometrial biopsy. My understanding is AGC is rare, and associated with abnormalities that are higher up then the cervix, and that is why they are responded to quickly. At my colposcopy they saw lesions but I do not know grade etc, I'm also HPV negative, but I have had some weird symptoms which is why I went in to see my doc in the first place. I've heard that a leetz or keep or cone biopsy can be done without issues to fertility. I know you want the ctrothetapy but there has to be a reason it's not recommended, with the cin3 and AGC I'd seek whatever treatment is recommended, because if left untreated it could eventually become cancer effecting your fertility. I do not believe God is punishing you. Maybe this is just a prompt to seek and go through with treatment now instead of waiting. Let me know how things go, and if you find out more about AGC please share, as I'm currently a certifiable basket case waiting on biopsy results.