HRT side effects???

Hi all,


Just thought I'd write a few lines to see if anyone else has been feeling a bit blue since starting HRT. I started taking HRT the day after my radical  hysterectomy as my ovaries were removed as well. Whilst I have been extremely fortunate in my whole experience I can't help but feeling depressed at times and I'm wondering if the HRT could be playing a part in all of this. I am on a medium dose Premarin conjugated oestrogen. I have had my first 3 monthly check up a few weeks ago and everything is good. Margins are all clear so I really should be feeling a lot happier but I'm not. Some days I feel so guilty that I feel like this when I know the whole situation could have been far worse. My husband doesn't seem to understand and I feel like I'm expected to carry on as normal but I can't. I went to see a counsellor after I was first diagnosed who recommended that I should take an anti-depressant but I was completely against the idea as I was trying to follow a healthy eating regime eating an alkaline diet and also juicing and just didn't want to put chemicals into my body at that stage. Now my surgery is over and I've been told I've had the all clear I feel lower than I did before. 

Is wondering if anyone else has had these feelings too??


June 2013 - smear, severe dyskaryosis

July 2013 - colposcopy, stage 1b1 confirmed

Sept 2013 - radical hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Partial Lymph node removal (13)

Oct 2013 - margins all clear




Hi Colly,


I didn't want to read and run. I'm so sorry you're feeling down at times. I can completely relate to this. I did keep my ovaries after the rad hyst last March but by November I had to admit I was feeling depressed and anxious. By January I finally gave in and started to take a low dose anti-depressant. My GP was really supportive and I feel that I did make the right choice as I do feel a bit better now. Not numb or anything, just able to get on with life a little more. i'm still waiting for CBT, which should help even more.

Please don't feel guilty for feeling down, you've been through an enormous amount of stress in a short space of time. Eventually your mind catches up and it's completely normal to feel down about things once the dust settles a bit.

I found two things heled me - one was talking about it to a lot of friends and the other was running. Just really small amounts of running but i was like a different person afterwards.

I hope you can get to the bottom of it, maybe try calling your CNS re the HRT and see if you can try something different?

Take care xx


Hi colly... I agree with Jo that doing something helps you feel better. I've started swimming and I must say when I've finished I feel do relaxed. Although I really am struggling at times to deal with the enormity if what I've gone through im contemplating going to gp for some antidepressants..hope you feel a little better soon . Lea xx

Thanks for your reply Jo. I'm sorry that you've had to take anti-depressants but glad you're feeling better. Have you any idea how long you intend to be on them? That's my worry that if I start I won't know when to stop. You're right about the running though. I used to belong to a running group and although I hated every single minute of our hour long session i did feel better for it!!! I have been out for a run with friends a few times since the op and it does help although I think I could do with allowing myself more "Me" time. Difficult when you're trying to juggle jobs/kids/husband!!! I think I should start a mood diary too to see if there is a pattern.

Thanks again.




Thanks for your reply. It's heartening to know that I'm not alone and that support is out there to help. I will try to set aside some more time for myself and also keep a mood diary to see  there is a pattern. Thanks for your support.