HRT or Ovary transposition experience for women in 30s and 40s

Post radical surgery for early stage cervical cancer. I am offered adjuvant chemorads. RH spared my ovaries, but they won’t survive radiation as I have 1 micrometasis in 1 sentinel nodes.

It would be great to hear others experience with either ovaries transposition or HRT. Any side effects etc.


I had a Radical Hysterectomy for 1b1 adenocarcinoma in 2013 , Ovaries spared. I wasn’t offered Chemo/rads at the time , consultant thought not needed however had recurrence to an ovary in 2015 so had one of them removed. I went on to have chemo/rads , obviously the remaining ovary hasn’t survived ( Not sure why they didn’t take both ovaries out? ) anyway initially i had a year or so of frequent hot flushes throughout the day & night however they have subsided now only having occasional flushes , i get some joint aches and pains but generally i am really not to bad.
I do not take any HRT as i was told by my GP would be unwise due to risk of cancers however as time moves on I’m not sure if this is still the best advise . I went to my GP recently for an unrelated matter who seemed more concerned i was not on any HRT and has referred me to Menopause clinic . Appointment not until October.
To have HRT or not to have HRT , I just don’t know as right now i feel OK but is an interesting subject , i would be interested as to what others have been advised regarding this.
I was age 40 at the time of my RH and 42 at the time of the recurrence .

I had stage 1b1 back in 2013 and had RH to treat and took the decision at the time to have my ovaries transposed ‘just in case’ further treatment was required which was done successfully at the same time. One was put by my liver, I’m unsure to this day where the other was put!

I’d speak with the experts, in my experience it probably put me at higher risk of early menopause but of course we’ll never know.
My ovaries failed in 2017, so I had a good 4 year run after the op. I was 34 at the time. Initially I was put onto the contraceptive pill to manage my hormones which worked and within the last year I’ve switched to HRT which has been life changing for me.

I hope that helps but if you have any questions, fire away!