HRT issues, weight gain etc

Hello everyone,

I’ve been on HRT for nearly 8 years now (since I was 22). The one I have been on is no longer available… My concern is the new one that I have been put on is causing me a few issues (sore nipples), I read the leaflet that came with it and I’m scared of all the breast and ovarian cancer warnings they issue!

Does anyone know if the patches are a little more gentle on our bodies? Over the last year I have piled some weight on too and I don’t think my HRT is helping this. I’m just feeling a bit down and wanted to hear personal stories rather than my doctor who doesn’t seem to have a clue about any of it.

Lindsey x

Hi Lindsey,

i don't have any experience of the patches so can't offer any insight there, however, I am currently on hrt and was also worried about the links to breast cancer.  I did a bit of research before my hysterectomy and it seemed to me that hrt is merely replacing the oestrogen that ovaries would have produced had they not been removed/affected by chemo, so as long as you only take the hrt until you would be naturally starting the menopause (I've been told 51 I am 32 now) there is no greater risk of breast cancer.  In addition, the risks of developing osteoporosis can be higher if you don't take hrt up until you would naturally start menopause (is what I was told by consultant). Obviously I'm not a medical professional and this is only my understanding, hope it makes sense!


Hi. Im not sure whether they are gentler on your body but I have been on the patches for 6 months and have found them great, I havent been able to take the tablets so it was either the gel or patches - The gel was a faff for me so opted for evorel patches.  x

Hi Lindsey, I had an appointment with my consultant last week to discuss my chemoradiation treatment  we talied about HRT as I will need to go on this as I'm only 42. She said the same as mad_muskrat did earlier in the post that the risk with breast cancer are attached to woman who continue with HRT in to their 50's as by this stage your body would normally go into menopause.