HRT and sore breasts

Im now almost 20 months post treatment for grade 2b squamous cell cc and current scans are NED. Been on evorel conti patches since Oct 19. Recently started with stinging in my ribs and left breast. Oncologist suggested Costochondritis and advised to take ibuprofen. Just wondering if anyone else has suffered the same and could it be linked to the patches?

I've just  recently experienced exactly the same thing and had the same conversation with my GP today! 
Been on the evorel conti patches for around 3 weeks and my left breast and armpit have been so sore. GP has suggested ibuprofen for 5 days and if that doesn't work, an examination and another HRT solution. 

It totally sent me into a tizz worrying that I'd got secondary cancer. The poor GP spent most of her time trying to reassure me. I do wish that more info was given at the time I was prescribed the HRT about what to expect side effects wise. 

Hope you get it sorted, it's horrid having the pain xx

Thanks LS17...can't help but think the worst after what we have been through! I've started taking Evening Primrose Oil which seems to have eased the stinging slightly but to be on safe side I have a telephone appointment with my GP on Monday .


Hope you are sorted too xx

How did you get on lovely? I've stuck at it and it has eased a little, but think I'm still going to explore an alternative because I can't live with the fear it's creating! 
Also started developing really painful joints which is also a delight! xx

GP doesnt seem concerned and believes its Costochondritus (inflamed cartledge in ribs)

The pain keeps moving location.  Prescribed Codeine and waiting for an appt for chrst x-ray. 

Still cant help but panic that its something sinister. Hope your pain is easing x