HRT after treatment

Hi I’ve finished Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy and now hit early menopause so advised to take HRT by consultant so he sent letter to my GP my GP has scared the life out of me to now go on hrt saying about blood clots womb cancer breast cancer and bleeding I’ve not had a period since finishing treatment for cc almost 3 months ago so has anybody been on hrt and periods have re-started just so I’m aware of what to expect Thank you x

Hi Marie - Well done for getting through your treatment!

The risk of cancers with HRT is very small, and it may be that you would not have to be on it very long, if it’s to help you through your early menopause. There is a good page on Cancer Research UK that looks at the risks, and HRT is a lot less important that your weight and smoking status. It seems that having had breast or endometrial cancer may be an argument not to use HRT, but best to discuss this with your doctor. He or she won’t make you take something you’re unhappy with.

I’m not in the same position as you as I was post menopausal when I had my cancer treatment, but I hope some people will be able to help you with this. From what I’ve read, some people do and some don’t - there are lots of mitigating factors. Do ask to have a chat with your clinical nurse specialist about all these things, to put your mind at rest!

Thank you I’ll definitely take a look and have a read at what you’ve suggested thank you hope your recovery is going well x

Hi Marie
I had natural menopause prior to my cc diagnosis. I’ve recently started using a topical oestrogen cream (Ovestin) to help with vulvovaginal atrophy. I don’t have any experience with systemic HRT: suggest is worth a look.


Thank you I shall have a read all these changes we’ve got to learn

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I was 39 wen I finished my treatment. My oncologist recommended HRT and said there’s no chance of reoccurrence in my type of cervical cancer by taking it, I did for a week and a half but then stopped. I’ve decided to try something natural which I never thought I would hear myself say. I’m taking sage tablets which I get from Sainsbury’s UK, and also taking centrum vitamins. Only been taking them 1 & 1/2 weeks so not noticed a big difference yet but hoping it does the trick so I can sleep better. Waking up all hot and sticky is not pleasant.
Hope your well x

Have you taken bone health into consideration? I believe that HRT can help to protect against osteoporosis.


I hadn’t thought of that, I’m hoping the menopace tablets I take and the vitamins will help with that. Just don’t like the idea of HRT if I was to develop a secondary cancer x

Maybe ask your GP about getting your bone density checked e.g. a DEXA scan. Also the Royal Osteoporosis Society has a good website and helpline.

I’m in my mid 60s and already knew I had low density bones before my cancer treatment - despite a natural menopause at the usual age and a good diet plus lots of weight bearing exercise. However according to the doc my bones were further damaged by my radiotherapy treatment. I have compression fractures in 2 of my lumbar vertebrae and have agreed (reluctantly) to take alendronic acid to hopefully stave off further bone loss. I suspect I’m now too old to safely take systemic HRT.


Hi Donnam16
Good luck keep keep updated how you get on with it did you stop hrt for pacific reason or just to try natural ive started with hrt patches a week ago I’m too hoping the awful night sweats calm down
Good luck x

Hi jazza after having along talk to cancer nurse I decided to go for hrt patches one of the reasons being the positives out weighed negative and one being my bones
Hope you’re doing okay x

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I started it due to a bit of paranoia if I’m honest. I was on the tablets. Just don’t like the possible side effects. I know the chances of breast cancer etc are slim but I just don’t want to take the chance. I’ll let you know how I get on x


I think the following link which discusses how misinformation about HRT arose is worth a look:


Hi There,
I’m 41 and was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, stage 2b, end of October 2020. During our conversations with my oncologist she mentioned menopause, and that she would have send a letter to my GP to prescribe me HRT at the end of the treatments. She explained that an early induced menopause, besides the usual and mostly known symptoms, brings along the risk or arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues and in some studies it has been shown to cause dementia.
After I heard her talking about those symptoms, it dawned on me that my mother who has had a radical hysterectomy at the age of 38 ( now 70) and was never given HRT has been suffering all the above and still suffers those symptoms.
Without wanting to scary anyone, but still share here my personal experience with the hope that that might help someone, in my case, the menopause symptoms hit me really hard physically (muscles and joint pain, extreme fatigue, hot flashes and sleepless nights, anxiety, overall dryness - skin, mouth, vagina, eyes and psychologically ( very low mood) , lack of focus and slow cognitive functions.
If you are someone who works in environments that require mental work, most likely you will feel it.
Needless to say I rang the GP to have HRT prescribed and start immediately. It wasn’t straight forward as most of GPS are not really educated on this matter and on the latest news and research in terms of HRT. My GP wanted to give me anti depressant and had no clue on what was the best for me. I did a LOOT of research on my own and eventually educated my GP and agreed together on the best type of HRT for me.
For me HRT is life saver, the quality of life has improved massively. I won’t make this post longer by preaching about its benefits, but i would share with you my sources of information so that you can make an informed decision your self.

In case you were wondering what am I taking at the moment:

Lenzetto Estrogen - 3 sprays ( the valuation of the dose was made considering my lifestyle too; I’m an very active and sporty person)
Utrogestan Progesteron - 100 mg

I also take multivitamins

I hope this would help and wish you the best of luck!

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