HRT after menopause and hysterectomy

Hi all,

Just after some advice please. I am 6 years post menopause and have been on hrt for 3 years. I was completely settled on 2 pumps estrogel, 200 utrogestan (i had bleeding if i dropped to 100 ) and a small amount of testosterone. In November last year i had a radical hysterectomy. Following this i was advised to stop the utrogestan, increase ostrogel to 2 pumps straight away and 3 pumps 6 weeks after surgery. I now have issues with heart palpitations, sleeplessness, mood swings, night sweats and weak joints, skin breakouts and dryness. A bit like before taking hrt. I am waiting for menopause clinic appointment but as my bloods are higher end for testosterone and estrogen ive taken it upon myself to reduce back down while i wait, this appears to make things slightly better but early days.

Ive noticed on here it appears that some ladies seem to have been prescribed utrogestan/progesterone after full hysterectomy…do i have that right ?? Could that be the missing link ?? Ive read that balance is key but my gp and consultant are adamant that progesterone is not needed after hysterectomy.

Also please has anyone experienced similar symptoms from too much estrogen or testosterone. I have asked consultant and gp and they say it wouldnt but it seems to fit for me.
Any help or shared experiences would be appreciated.
Thank you x


I had a radical hysterectomy two years ago due to adenocarcinoma cc. I have been advised to take progesterone as there is evidence it can help prevent a adenocarcinoma recurrence and to regulate sleep etc.

Thank you very much for your reply. I will wait to see what the menopause clinic have to say as they requested bloods from my doctors. I didnt think to ask if their request included progesterone levels but i will discuss it with them. I had another type of cc but interesting that youve been prescribed progesterone.