HRT after CC

Good Morning ladies,

So i think i am pre menopausal, so I am off to the doctors on Thursday to see what they can do to help.

I am really unsure of my options, and I am not aware if we can have HRT after having CC. I spoke to the doctors a couple of years ago about having something to stop my periods, as I cannot have any more children after having CC.

They told me there was nothing they could give me, only offer me a full hysterectomy, which I didn’t want at the time.

Because of this i assumed I would also not be allowed HRT? Just looking for any advise please as I am a little lost on this new journey, and I want to make sure I go to the docs knowing what some of my options are.

Thank you so much


I went into full menopause at 33 after my first chemo. I went a year or so without HRT, but dr decided I needed them. I’m on a combipatch. 

I suppose it depends on age.

I was diagnosed with CC when I was 32 and successfully completed treatment the following year. I then fought for a year with my practice nurse with regard to HRT. 

She said that despite blood tests showing I was post menopausal, I didn't show enough symptoms to justify my prescription. I was 34 when I took this further and spoke to a GP. Going through the menopause at such a young age puts me at risk to a number of things, two main ones being osteoporosis and issues with my heart. Despite any risks that may occur with HRT, the benefits for me outweigh those risks.

I recently spoke to my GP giving the recent MHRA statement on HRT and they again said, if I was older they may advise against HRT but giving my age they would strongly advise that I have the support of HRT.


Just for information - I'm on Kliofem. I was giving this as I underwent chemo/radio rather than surgery.