HRT after CC, positive experiences?

Hi ladies!

So, I’m wondering if anyone has any positive experiences of using HRT after their CC diagnosis and treatment?

I’m 33 and have just been started on HRT (Oestragel and Utrogestan tablets), im 4 years post treatment so it wasn’t really to help manage the menopausal symptoms, as I think I was mostly over the flushes etc, but wanted to help manage the rest, heart, bones etc too.

I’ve heard some bad reviews of HRT so I’m hoping there’s some positive reviews?

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Hi Bumblebee

I’m a lot older than you (mid 60s) and have never taken systemic HRT, albeit I’ve recently started with topical oestrogen (Ovestin). However I’ve been doing a lot of reading about HRT because I’m considering upping my HRT intake for bone health reasons. So thought I would share what I think are a couple of good references.

It seems that a lot of the bad reviews about HRT are as a result of a misreported study in 2002 - see following link:

Dr Louise Newson seems to be a leading light for HRT; her website has a lot of information at:



Hi Jazza!

Thanks so much for your reply :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at the link!

Yes, I agree Dr. Newsam seems fantastic, I’ve read lots of information on her website and the books she recommends.

Its so hard to know what’s best isn’t it. Did you have chemorads or a hysterectomy?


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Hi Bumblebee

I had a radical hysterectomy including both ovaries removed plus chemo-radiotherapy! I probably don’t have so much as a single molecule of natural female hormone in me.

It is hard to know what’s best to do. I recently discovered I’ve got very low bone density (osteoporosis); It was quite a wake up call to also learn I have 2 compression fractures in my lower spine - possibly exacerbated by the radiotherapy treatment. I think it could be worth asking your medical team or GP if your bone density could be monitored - blood tests and DEXA scan.

It seems a lot of GPs are poorly educated about menopause so one might have to self advocate.