HRT after Adenosquamous CC???

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Back hear after a few years away. 6 years all clear from 2B adenosquamous CC. My oncologist advised against HRT in any form because of the Adenocarcinoma element if my cancer. Went cold turkey into menopause a few week after treatment finished at age 35. Struggling with symptoms ever since, especially fatigue.  Just watched Davina McCall's documentary on the menopause and I'm struggling with the idea that I could have been on HRT all this time and has irreversible damage been done to my health.  So much conflicting info out there about HRT after CC.  Any one out there who is on HRT after Adenocarcinoma or Adenosquamus CC, I'd love to hear from you.  Kind regards, Edwina 

Hi, I had adenocarcinoma 2b and finished treatment 18 months ago. They told me before treatment I'd need to go onto HRT as I'd go into early menopause (age 44). I waited a good few months before I started it as I had mixed feelings but the advice was that it was important for heart and bones.  So you might want to have a chat with your GP as perhaps the guidelines have changed? 

I came on here tonight looking for menopause information funnily enough as I've been feeling really tired and wondering if it's related. At what point do we become post menopausal after CC?  Do the same rules apply as normal menopause I wonder? 






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There is a very good recent systematic review of research on HRT and cervical cancer. If you message me with your email address I can send it to you.


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Hi, I had stage 2b adenosquamous with lymph nodes and was commenced on HRT about 6wks after treatment. I now have hormonal implants done ever 6mths with no adverse effects. :blush:


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