Hpvpos 3 years

I’m sure I read the answer to this before but for the life of me I can’t find it now.
After being hpv positive for 3 years I was sent for colposcopy allthough on smear no cell changes were detected. At colposcopy she said i had cell changes so waiting for biopsy results.
Why would they have not been detected on the smear?

A colposcopy is a much more thorough examination, whereas a smear is a more general snapshot. A smear should pick up any obvious abnormalities even if minor. The most likely explanation would be that the area of abnormality you have is extremely small. This is good news and they are taking biopsies to be sure. The biopsy results will tell you more. It could be nothing to worry about, but if you do require any treatment as a result, you will receive it. Good luck.

Thank you x

Hi! I’m in the same situation as you but going back for my biopsy on 8th August as I was going on holiday 2 days after my colposcopy so she said I wouldn’t be covered under holiday insurance if I got an infection.

Wondering why whatever it isn’t wasn’t picked up on 3 smears.

Do you mind me asking if you’ve received the results yet?