HPV16 positive, dual stain positive, biopsy benign, confused

Hi all, i’m new here. Thanks for reading my story.

I was tested hpv 16/18 positive from a pap smear which triggered an immediate colposcopy and my biopsy came back benign/negative, nothing was found. But today, the dual stain test which was done together with the hpv test came back positive, which means there’s a high possibility I have precancerous cells (the test correlates highly with CIN2 from what I read) yet my biopsy didn’t show any, not even CIN1.

My doctor advised to come back in 6 months for a follow-up HPV test and potentially colposcopy again. I’m worried that the precancerous cells could be much deeper in the cervix that it wasn’t detected by a biopsy? Anyone else had similar results?

What is a dual strain test x