Hey guys i had hpv 16,31,39 and my popsmear was ascus so i did colposcopy and biopsy result was cin1 and condyloma... im 26 and so scared i hope all of us could fight with this virus... i found a dr told me he has a drug for hpv type 16 that can clear this type from our body and some one had a good result from this cure. I hope it works on my body too. I will share the result 

I have been bleeding after sex since six month ago and i had so low pelvic and leg pain that come and gone... i thought i have cancer 100% becouse i knew i have hpv i was just crying until my biopsy result cin1 and now i found a dr that claim his drugs can cure hpv 16 and someone confirm by their own experience.

Which drug is that?

Hello how has ahcc been for u guys? I haven't started taking it and not sure if it's effective against hpv-16 which I have