after my lasts biopsy the team met and decided i need to go back in 6mths time for another colposcopy and "test for cure" (hpv test) can anyone enlighten me on what exactly this means, 

had last leep in jan2013 and im due for the colp again in july 2013



Hi Luceee,

If you take a look at the NHS cervical screening website you'll find info on 'test of cure' under the HPV section. There's also a flow chart that shows how they manage the treatment of ladies. It's all to do with HPV and what the the HPV test shows as to whether you'll be discharged back into routine screening or if you'll continue to monitored more closely. 

Hope this helps and all the best x


ty twilight, so if i have a cin1 this time i will be tested for hpv, and if thats negative i can go back to 3 yearly smears, (i wont miss the leeps lol).  but if its still cin2,3  or hpv positive, then i will carry on with the usual treatments, 4 yrs ive been treated now, and its the first time that the hpv would of been tested, im glad they have started doing this in the uk.