Probably a stupid question but I can’t find any answers anywhere :confused: Ive known I have the hpv virus since I was 17 (8 years now) had my first smear a few months back and it came back with severeabnormalities. Had colposcopy and biopsy taken and they came back with CIN 2 had llets done now waiting for the results. Doctors knew I had hpv already so didn’t bother with explaining I had active hpv cos it was pretty obvious lol but because it’s been active this whole time does that mean the abnormalities will come back again?? Like I read that hpv is only supposed to last like 2 years but it’s been 8 now :confused: will it ever go away? Or will it just stay there causing trouble forever?? :confused: only found out it can cause abnormalities like a year ago.

Hi there

The good news is that apparently in the majority of cases the LLETZ treatment seems to kick-start your body's immune system into fighting off the HPV. As you can see from my signature, I had HPV but my 6 months after treatment smear showed no abnormal cells and no HPV either. Fingers crossed you will be the same.

Now that you've had your LLETZ done, you'll be on the system for a recall in 6 months time, at which they will repeat the smear and possibly also do a colposcopy to make sure it's all still normal. You'll find out from the results of that whether the HPV is still present or not.

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Oh hopefully I'll be the same! Thank you :) xx