Hi all


I will start at the beginning, I had a miscarriage in September 2010 and that is when my symptoms started of irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, and pain during sexual intercourse.


I must of gone to the doctors about 10 times when they kept claiming it was to do with the miscarriage and i was fine (I had a feeling it was more than that) after seeing a new doctor she decided to send me for a smear test. This came back with abnormal changes and i was referred to the hospital to the colposcopy clinic.


My first results came back abnormal cells with CIN1

My second results came back abnormal cells with CIN1 and CIN2

My third results came back abnormal cells with CIN1

They didn’t want to do treatment because of my age and i haven’t had a child.


The last time i went in December they tested me for HPV.


I found out on Monday that i am HPV positive this was very heart-breaking when the doctors keep saying to you everything looks fine it will most likely come back negative. I’m waiting for a letter from the consultant to see what they will do next but I’m worried they won’t do anything because they have been fobbing me off for over a year now.


Has anyone been through this or can let me know if anyone had there HPV test come back positive and what the hospital did next for them.





I had almost exactly the same experience. The doctors too were reluctant to treat my cervix and I was HPV+ too I have just had my biopsy results back n and my CIN 1+2 had gone n no evidence of HPV was found. I now have to go for a smear in a year. I will have to go back to the hospital as my cervix keeps rupturing and cold coagulation hasn't helped. Hope this is reassuring x

Iv just been told I have borderline changes and highrisk hpv, did they say you were high risk? They have referred me straight to colposcopy on Tuesday, and I'm sure if you are having abnormal smears and you hpv positive they should do that with you too? I have exact symptoms happened after I had my little boy I just felt different down below, heavy periods but the doc said its just because my body has "changed" since birth ect ect, sometimes I think if you are young they aren't to interested, I went for a year with various symptoms and not once did they offer a smear as at the time I was under 25, then I had enough went there a few weeks ago and demanded a smear and she said they will reject as I'm 24!! But I went on nhs website and it said that I can ask for one if I'm 24! So they did it and lucky I persisted! Some times you have to just persist until you get an answer. I hope all goes well for you, xxx


my initial abnormal smear came back that I was also HPV + I was referred for colposcopy and biopsy which showed CIN3 I had LLetz done on Friday but at no point has me not having children been raised an issue (slightly worrying!) 

call your gynaecologist if you are worried they are used to people calling to ask questions.

hope it goes well xx