hi just got my results today and it showed i have hpv virus so i keep thinking how have i got this been wiv my hubby 13yrs wot if he has got it can he b tested the nurse told me its normal to get these sort of things but i have got doubt about things and worry this will turn into cance as i have got a autoimmuine illness i am scared and worried any advice would be brill thanks ords

Hiya, HPV can lie dormant for many years and its not been routinely tested fot in the past so the chances are youve had it for a while. I dont think men can be tested which is a concern of mine as my boyfriend is immuno-compromised too. I am sure that the health care professionals looking after you will take that into consideration as it may mean that you struggle to clear the virus yourself. A large % of the population will have HPV at some point in there lives and its only in a small group of people it causes any changes in. i hope this helps with your worry and i hope that everything else is ok with you xx

thank you so much hope you go on ok to xxxx