Hello . Please help me somebody.

I have HPV positive and abnormal cells..what this means? And what my partner can do? He cant have anymore with me sex? How he can find out if he has this virus too? What he can do to prevent? Thank you 

Hi, it means you have become infected with a virus that is causing the abnormalities. It doesn’t always progress to high grade severe abnormalities or cancer, as most women can shake off the virus within 2 years. There are 3 different levels of abnormalities that can easily be treated. Abnormalities are very very slow growing - it can take about 10-15 years. Now they have diagnose you, you’ll be kept an eye on with frequent smears or a colposcopy for a more accurate diagnosis.

Unfortunately, there’s no screening or treatment for men presently. Doctors have told me that they don’t tell people not to have sex, as it’s not the same as other STDs/STIs. Furthermore, your partner may not contract it or may be able to fight it off himself or already have immunity. Condoms can help prevent transmission, although it’s through skin to skin contact how it’s transmits.

Here’s a link from this website about HPV.