Had my first smear end of 2015, to which I recieved a letter to say I was +ive for Hpv. Only follow up was another smear in 12months, that came back clear and I was put back on the 5yearly check. 

That was two+ years ago and I'm not due another smear for another 3years. Had no odd symptoms or reason to be concerned. 

I've recently gone therough the process of buying my first house and setting up life insurance and critical illness cover.

One of the questions on the form for cover was...

`any gynaecological condition for which you've not yet been discharged from follow up, or a cervical smear requiring further investigations? (Please ignore routine cervical smears if the results have been normal.) ' to which I answered' No'

It hadn't occurred to me before but I'm now wondering did I need to disclose the previous finding of hpv even though the second smear was clear!? 

Worrying that by not declaring it il void my insurance? But due to the fact I hadn't had any intervention except the extra smear the thought hadn't even entered my head that I was something to note. Especially as so many of us are meant to carry Hpv anyway without knowing. 

Would anyone else have declared it in these circumstances? 


Hi, I would clarify this with you doctor first, as it’s possible it may void your insurance. From what I know about any type of insurances, if there’s a reason they can avoid paying out on claims, they’ll do it. Yes, most of the population have HPV with most not knowing, but it‘s been noted that you have it and it’s in your records now. So if you needed any future treatment, your insurance will probably look at your records. So it’s best now to have this clarified to avoid the possibility of them not paying out.

Hi Pigwig, can I ask what the outcome was on this in the end?

I am in the process or mortgage applications and income protection insurance has come up.

I am concerned that my positive HPV test from last August will affect getting insured despite no unusual cells being found. I won’t be retested until August and I have no idea what the outcome will be of course.

Thanks :slight_smile: