Hpv x3 smears help

Hey! I’ll try keep it brief. I have pcos. I’ve been bleeding for 15 weeks, started out light and spotting then gradually got heavier. Initially had an internal ultrasound to check my ovaries however the scan came back fine (still have several cysts though) in the same time I’ve been for a recent smear, I had one in 2019, 2020 and now 2021 due to being hpv positive each year. I’ve been referred for a colposcopy however I’m worried because the letter says it’s the gynaecological oncologist that has referred me, does this mean they suspect it could be cervical cancer? The bleeding has been heavier with clots. I have my colposcopy on Wednesday will I get an answer there and then or will I have to wait longer?

Dear Mef1995,

I had a look back at your 2020 post, and I can see that your health team are simply following up on the fact that you’ve been HPV positive for 3 years by checking to see if there are any abnormal cells. A colposcopy is a much better more efficient diagnostic test for abnormal cells. This doesn’t mean you have cancer! The letter is from the gynaecological oncologist because these are the persons who oversee anything related to gynae cancers, which of course abnormal cells and HPV are because they have the POTENTIAL to develop into cancer. If you have PCOS it’s likely that any pain and discomfort is related to this. You mentions aches and pain in 2020 in relation to the HPV virus - the strains of HPV that can cause abnormal cell development do not give you any symptoms you would feel - which is why it’s so important to be screened, as you have been. Please don’t panic. Sounds like you’ve got enough on your plate with pcos and I hope your colposcopy will be clear.

It’s unlikely that they will tell you at the colposcopy what they’ve found - they make may some intimations, and I have heard of ladies on here who have been told and asked if they would like treatment there and then to remove the (very tiny) cells - but most ladies have to wait some weeks and will get a letter with their results. So be prepared not to know for a while, and if they do tell you something it’s a bonus. :blush: