Hpv worrys

Hello…i had my cervical screening results back yesterday and have been informed by my gp that i have high risk hpv but no cells have been effected. I will need another screening in 1 year. My worry is when i had my screening i was also told i have a polyp on my cervix and cervical ectropion. I am currently waiting for this to be treated but have been told this could be up to a year. I currently feel like a sitting duck just waiting for another year. I initially went to the doctors for my screening and examination as i have been continually bleeding and in pain for about 6 months. I feel im being silly as this could all be so much worse i know. Just feel very worried at the moment with it all!

Firstly don’t feel silly, it’s a horrid thing to go through and you’re absolutely entitled to your feelings :sparkling_heart: I don’t have any experience of what you’re going through as I had cell changes and sent straight for colposcopy, however you’re now on the right path of treatment. My friends daughter had bleeding and it was an ectropian which she had removed this was a while ago and it stopped the bleeding once all healed. I’m sure there are people on here that have had the same if you use the search bar their posts will come up.
I absolutely understand about the waiting I’m almost 3 weeks post lletz and waiting to see what was found is taking over everything else so sending lots of love xxx

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