HPV worries

Hello - I’m slightly confused about HPV. On one hand I’ve read that you never get rid of it once you have it but also that you can clear it after a couple of years. I had it about 20 years ago, clear ever since and now positive on last smear but use condoms :thinking: Just wondering how this can happen?! Thanks x

It can either be a new type of HPV if you changed partners since condoms do not really protect, or your immune system went down, or you are in peri-menopause with hormonal changes and then you had a similar strain HPV reactivation. There is yet no clear answer to how HPV works but most scientific papers talk about reinfection of same strain (in case of same strain like in the past) or reactivation from dormancy. Strains can be in latent position where they never go away but are in the body in lower viral loads, thus undetected by HPV DNA Test. Also, there are wrong hpv dna tests (false negative or false positive). So many things. There is no clear answer, but all you have to do is to resolve any abnormalities (if any) from this active HPV virus which you now have.

Thanks red onion for taking the time to reply. It’s all so confusing!

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