HPV with only 1 partner


I was reffered for a colposcopy for PBC and my colposcopy and biopsy have shown I have HPV. The doctor said they don't know which strain it is but most people clear the infection so they dont want to do anything about it just wait until my 1st smear in 3 years time (I'm only 22). 


But my corncerns are where has the HPV come from? Ive read its an STD but my and my parnter have only ever done anything with each other, so how could I have HPV? 


Please answer as Im very worried about having this, especially having to wait 3 years for a smear Cry

You are right HPV is an STD but an incredibly common one. It's estimated that 80% will have it at some point. It is spread skin to skin so doesn't actually need full penetrative sex to be spread. Mutual masturbation can spread it as can oral sex. 

All the facts about HPV transmission arent yet known, there may be another explanation of how you have HPV that has yet to be found. Sorry thats's not a huge amount of help. Theres a great page on this website about HPV.

Thank you for the reply!

Neither of us must have HPV from a sexual origin as I 100% trust my partner, and know I've never been with anyone else. 

The only reason I'm thinking I have HPV is that the nurse said there was HPV changes on the acetic acid/iodine test but that would deinately confirm HPV would it? Then on my letter following the biopsy it says 'HPV changes' but again would the biopsy confirm it or just look at the cellular changes? I've not had any tests specifically for HPV, like a PCR test to look at the strain, so is there a chance I dont actually have it? 

I might go back to my doctor for some reassurance. 

Far as I know HPV can only be spread through SOME kind of intimate/ sexual activity 


Most areas now do an automatic test for HPV if your smear shows up abnormal cells. If you want to be sure give them a call and ask for clarification. 

Yeah I might give them a ring! It just gives me great anxiety as if they just seemed to dismiss HPV as my immune system can fight that but what if it was something else? :/ I've never actually had a smear as I'm too young, just a colposcopy with a biospy and the HPV was metioned after the acetic acid test, but those areas could show up for lots of different abnormalities such as those associated with my ectropion? 


I just wish they'd explained further at the appointment! I felt so rushed out the door as I wasnt 25 yet and they wanted to wait another 3 years 


Getting nowhere with ringing, either all the lines are busy or when I do get through the consultants are in clinics