HPV+ with low-grade abnormal cells: Living with it

Hello everyone,

I had my first ever smear test in April this year which came back as HPV+ with low grade abnormal cells. I had my colposcopy in August which confirmed this.

I have a new boyfriend since April 2021 who knows about my results. We always have protected sex and i engage in oral sex on him; however, he is a bit hesitant about engaging in oral sex on me due to my results (he isn’t using it as an excuse though as it is something he enjoyed doing - he’s just a bit nervous about it). I tried asking my GP about it and they were absolutely useless and new nothing about it -_-! I have also now sent an “ask the expert” question on this site to see if i can get some more clarity.

I know that if you are sexually active you are extremely likely to have HPV at least once in your life and most cases come and go without anyone noticing. Has anyone asked this question to a medical professional whether it is safe for the guy to engage in oral sex on the girl if she has hpv? It is likely he will have it if i have it but i didn’t know if anyone knows how localised the virus is? Is it a case that if you have HPV in your cervix, it is just generally in your body as with most viruses?

I had the Ceravix HPV vaccination in 2011 and 2012 when i was 15/16 (wayyyy before i became sexually active at 22!) which i know helps protect against strains 16 and 18. Has anyone had the Gardasil 9 vaccination that protects against strains 31,33,45,52 and 58 as well?

Also, is there any way to help your immune system to fight the virus? i take multivitamins every day but i’ve read online that B12, E and folic acid in higher quantities than multivitamins can help your body get rid of HPV?

Apologies for all the questions… The doctor who performed my colposcopy and my GP didn’t provide me with any information when i asked and i don’t want to keep going down the scary rabbit hole of asking Google and ending up having panic attacks.

Hi Lizzie,
HPV can be passed through oral sex im afraid, a good diet full of antioxidants, carotenoids and folates can help fight off, or prevent a HPV infection. Sorry I’ve not had any of the inoculations so i cant comment there but I hope this helps.

Have a look at AHCC - there are some positive looking studies although I think they were quite small. I’m currently taking a bunch of stuff in addition to my normal daily stuff, in the hope of clearing my HPV at my 6 month test in Feb:

  • AHCC (3g per day)
  • Folic acid with B12 (400/5 microgram respectively)
  • Green tea (12.48g)

My normal daily stuff incudes a multivitamin, NMN, resveratrol, iron, cod liver oil, potassium and magnesium (latter 2 as I eat quite low carb).

Totally anecdotal and may mean nothing at all, but my boyfriend and I recently started feeling ill at the same time. He ended up with a horrible cold and cough lasting quite a while. I was fine within a day. Might be wishful thinking but I’d like to believe that it’s my immune boosting regime taking effect!

PS if you are currently HPV+ he could certainly contract it through oral sex :frowning:

OMG I have literally spent the whole of yesterday looking at AHCC and reading the studies - although they all seemed to be for the high risk HPV which i am not (i’m assuming it would help low risk too though). Do you have a link for the AHCC capsules you use please? There are so many products out there and 95% are likely to be duds - i was trying to find ones that are clinically approved etc. but they all seemed to be like £100 or not available in the UK!

I do take my multivitamin every day (or alternate with my omega fish oil which has vitamins B, D and E in) and then sometimes some additional vitamin C. I just got over that really bad cold that has been going around the UK recently and i got over it pretty quickly thank God! My next smear is in April i think (colposcopy doc said it would be a year so idk if it’s a year from colposcopy or from first smear… it took me like 2 months to actually get my colposcopy booked in because it was cancelled and rescheduled by the hospital annoyingly).

I am using these ones, which were the only UK based manufacturer I could find that seemed decent enough. The other stuff from the states was prohibitively expensive. I take 6 capsules a day (3x2).


Edit to add: I may switch to the below one as everything I’ve read relates specifically to shiitake rather than other types of mushroom.


I do worry as a total layperson when it comes to these things, how do I know it is what it says etc. If it wouldn’t cost several hundred quid a month that I don’t have, I’d probably look further afield.

ah thank you for this! I’ve been looking at the papillex ahcc ones as they were one of the brands listed on aminoup for being legit. To be honest, if it costs me a couple hundred pounds to get 6 months worth of capsules that i can take twice a day then i will give it a go. It is horrible that companies thrive off of people needing supplements etc. and charging extortionate amounts because they know a lot of people will buy it to help their illness etc.

Hi, really hope this helps but I also fell into a google hole of multi vitamins for HPV and having no one to talk to about it. It’s horrible so I know how you feel.
Like the other member said I also take AHCC from time health, I take 5 a day in the evening with my meal.
I also take folic acid, DIM, Vitaminc, I was taking vitb12 but I think this was affecting my skin so I stopped. Matcha is also supposed to be good so I try to have one a daily. I also read about green tea.
I did eventually have a extremely supportive conversation with a nurse and asked about these supplements, the best advise I was given and think I should share is if you do end up taking multi vitamins don’t get too hung up on taking it to get rid of hpv, take it to help your immune system and that’s what I tell myself!

Hi Bella,

Thank you so much for your reply. I have a 6 month supply for AHCC from Papillex and am taking 2 a day (one in morning and 1 in evening so 1000ug of AHCC a day). I am not resting all of my hope on AHCC getting rid of the hpv but I thought if it even has a chance at boosting my immune system to fight it then I’m damn well going to try it!