HPV with High Grade Severe Dyskariosis

Hi there,

Really just looking for some answers to some question, answers i probably know the answers to really, but opinions from others who’ve been through similar.

I have been on the Cervical Smear testing circus for years, always get called back, yearly tests, varying degrees of CIN in the past, although now i notice they don’t mention CIN on the letters, various colposcopies, watch and wait etc etc.

At my last colposcopy 2019 i had erosion of the cervix and a punch biopsy. Watch and wait again.

At my 2020 smear i had a clear no abnormal cells but still with HPV.

At my 2021 smear - it’s come back as HPV and high grade severe dyskariosis. So in space of a year its gone from clear to high grade.

Over the years its gone from a little concern, to a growing one, year on year.

I had a phone call yesterday, out of the blue, booking me in for a colposcopy, the letter didn’t arrive until today. I’m booked in for next week, which is quick, but my questions are:

1 - i am due to go on holiday, only in the UK next week too, a day after the bloody colposcopy. Its a much needed break from work, time with my children whom i’ve ignored through being so busy working from home :frowning: … it’ll involve alot of walking, swimming etc and it breaks my heart to not be able to join in with that. Do you think i’m ok to ask the colposcopist to not do a Lletz there and then if it’s needed and wait 2 weeks?

2 - Am i alone in finding a colposcopy excruciating? … the last one i was in tears in pain, from the prodding, but also when they put the dye on, was eye wateringly painful. I cannot imagine having a Lletz under LA, the sheer thought of it terrifies me. I have a high pain threshold, gave birth to two kids without pain relief, but the colposcopies and smears kill me. Has anyone requested the Llletz is done under GA?

3 - I cannot face the thought of 4 weeks, maybe more, without the ability to go running, it keeps me sane, does anyone else have any experience of running after a Lletz?

Thank you x


Having only ever had the 3 yearly smears with no problems it was a shock to me that in 3 years I had hpv and high grade dyskariosis and during this period had also been single.
I also had a quick turn around for appointments which did worry me as being in the uk you normally have to wait, but also look at it if there is something they are dealing with it and hopefully before it gets worse and why it is treatable.

I’m sure if you explain the situation to them they will be able to advise, they may say it depends what they find, the only other thing you could try to do is move the appointment till after your break - it might be worth a call to the hospital and explain this and see what they recommend you do.

With regards to finding it painful, I have previously found it uncomfortable but since having LLETZ carried out under local and then a cone biopsy under general, I have found it to be painful and very uncomfortable when I’ve had to have examinations.

I know you can have LLETZ under general but I’m not sure if it is dependant on where they need to take the bits from, as I was originally going to have a 2nd LLETZ under general as they needed to go in deeper and wouldn’t do under local but then they changed the procedure to the cone biopsy.

I don’t personally do running but do go to a bootcamp class once a week, but after both procedures have been advised to only do light exercise and not attend the class, which I have to admit has been a bit hard as it was away to escape things, but at the same time I have to look out for my health and rather heal first than it take a lot longer/cause further issues.

I hope this helps but any questions feel free to message me.

Thank you, i am going to go in and have the colposcopy this week anyway, set my mind at rest either way. I’ll ask can they delay doing treatment until after i get back from holiday, not wanting to sound like the holiday is more important but for the sake of 2 weeks i want my children to have some normality in what has been a really abnormal 2 years.

Other frustrating thing is my period is due this week, now taking Norethisterone to delay it which is making me tetchy, emotional, achey and just generally feeling yuk!

Running has been my absolute saviour over the last few months, i guess i’ll just have to see how it goes.