HPV virus


I am new today and I’m sure this might have been asked before … but, I have a smear test result showing low grade dyskaryosis and the lab has tested my sample for HPV infection … result positive (although the strain has not been confirmed in my letter)

I am to receive a colposcopy appointment within three weeks and that is all I have been told.

I am feeling very edgy about all this, as I was widowed six years ago and have two young sons, I was also seriously ill with meningioencephalitis three years ago, so any threat to my health feels pretty drastic.

I have a new partner and am now totally confused as to did he pass this to me? Did I already have it and might possibly have passed it to him?

My smear test three years ago was normal … could I have had HPV and not known because the HPV test wasn’t taken due to smear being normal? Or have I more likely become infected during the last three years?

And really is any of that relevant and it should just be a case of dealing with what comes next?

I wouldn't worry about the fact that you have tested positive for HPV. It is extremely common. My consultant said to me that most people carry HPV at some point in their life. The testing for HPV as part of your smear is a fairly recent thing. It is possible that you had HPV before you met your current partner. Some peoples bodies are better at clearing the infection than other.

Good luck with your colposcopy. With low grade dyskaryosis, you have been caught very early and any treatment, if you actually need any, will be quite simple and straightforward  xxx

Thank you Kelly for reassuring me.


I turned 50 recently and my gp surgery initially suggested I wait another two years for the smear test, being as the last one was in 2013 .. I am so glad I insisted on having it now, with a 3 year gap instead of 5 years xx

You did totally the right thing. You know your own body best. Hopefully this will all be done and dusted for you soon and you can move on with your life. Good luck x

Your story is very similar to mine.  I am mid 40's and have not had an abnormal pap or positive HPV test since I was 17 yrs old.  I, like you, had a negative HPV test and a normal pap at the end of 2013 and was told I could wait 5 yrs.  I changed doctors and went ahead and had testing done early.  It never occured to me that I could test positive.  I am newly married (we have been togther a total of 2yrs) but my doctor says they do not know if it is a reinfection or new infection.  I had the colposcopy done and waiting on results.  During the colposcopy exam the doctor did find a few suspicious areas but said it was highly unlikely that the biopsy would show cancer.  In younger women it is thought that their body can clear the infection but I am unsure if the same holds true for older women.  HPV is very scary and it is unnerving to see the number of posts where it started out mild but progressed rather quickly.  

I hope your results are positive :)


Hi HC I have read your post i am so sorry for all the awful things you have endured over the past 6 years and now also worrying about HPV. I have just read another post and the ladies have been made to feel the same as yourself which is really uncalled for in my opinion. Men with prostrate problems do not feel any shame or they are to blame for anything just because it is in a intimate area so please put it out of your mind. Go and have  a lovely life with your new hubby dont blame him and stop blaming yourself you have done absolutly nothing wrong. You deserve some happiness I wish you all the best for a fantastic future sending you a big Hug xx