HPV Virus

I know this is a silly or strange question. But the HPV virus is passed through skin to skin or sexual contact both oral and non oral.

Though you have the cells removed (I am having thi in a few weeks time) I am a little worried what them results wil come back as I know sometimes they come back differently to the biopsys.

But how likely is it for you to catch it again from your partner. If I have caught it once (I have been with my partner 7 years)

I have my smear every three years and went back for my smear earlier by accident and I was refused it. Inwent back 4 months later, and they found high grade my results came back from my biopsy CIN1 CIN2.

I have oftern thought why if CC is a silent killer we are not tested yearly. I googled and they say it’s because cancer can take 10 years to develop. When I asked my nurse who did take my smear why I was refused (my mum died last year with ovian cancer) she said the labs throw them away as want to see how cells grow but surly this isn’t right xxxxxx

Amazing how your mind goes on overdrive xxxxxx

Thank you xxx