HPV vaccination for age 60+


I have had abnormal smears in the past which resulted in a complete hysterectomy in January 2019, after all other treatments and operations had failed to remove the abnormal cells and the HPV virus.

I have since had two vault smears to test for cure but unfortunately both came back as positive for HPV and pre-cancerous cells. My consultant has recommended a "watch and wait" approach and test again in 12 months time. I have read that the vaccination has been given to adults with very good results. Anybody got any stories or experiences that they would like to share in this subject. 

Thank you


I'm not sure of my facts here but in the UK I'm under the impression that it's difficult to access HPV vaccination over the age of 45y, even if you are prepared to pay - the following link gives some information:


So maybe the first port of call is to establish whether or not there is somewhere that will give you the vaccination - make sure they are reputable!

Maybe you could 'Ask The Expert' on this website or Jo's helpline might be able to direct you.



I am 43 and in the US so it has been approved and is covered by insurance currently until age 45.  My doctor wanted me to have the shot even though I already have high risk HPV to avoid another strand, and because she said there is some promising research that shows it can lessen the chances of developing a secondary HPV cancer-oral or anal. I had a radical hystrectomy in May for cervical cancer, but I did not finish my vaccinations until February.  I will not have another test until September.  I guess I would say if you can find a safe way to get it, it certainly won't hurt you.  I am still mad that I did not have the shot in my 20's when I first found out about my HPV, but at that point I was one year "too old" for it....


Not sure that any of this was helpful at all, but those are my thoughts.

Hello all  I have also read that 45 is the cut off point in the uk but does anyone know why.. Is it just assumed that after 45 people won't need it? Can men have it too?  Just wondering. 


I know my friend was given the hpv vac here in England in her mid 30's after she was found with high grade dyskolious and had a cone biopsies/removal.

I asked my cns about it but she said I wouldnt be offered it as "the horse had already bolted" in my case. I am also seeing if it will help/guard against it even though I've already had cc caused by it.