HPV types

Hiya all you lovely people 

I had my first dose vaccine today just after I received a letter saying my HPV was ' other' types. I'd asked to know as was considering vaccine. 

I presume that means not 16/18 ?

I was quite happy about that as it means I might be protected against at least the most common types, as I was very sexually inexperienced until 5 years ago, so unlikely to have picked them up previously.

I was very nervous lying about my age though 

 dunno if types means more than one type or one of the other types..it probably doesn't matter much

Anyone else asked which HPV they have? I maybe have been talking to too many Americans on Reddit, they always know there . 

Hello. Any advice welcome. Have high risk HPV & moderate cell changes! Colposcopy next week but scared this is serious. Any advice will be welcomed :-(

they might well treat at the same appointment, which at least cuts down the time you have to wait.

They didnt with me as mine seemed milder initially, I still havent had treatment even thoigh my smear was december-should have it by the end of May. I have the same diagnosis as you, it's just mine didnt initially show up as moderate.

They can offer watch and wait if you want more children 


Hi lovely,


Just popped on and thought I best take a look and see how you are.


I did ask and the consultant at my first LLETZ said cervical screening in England tests for HPV 16 & 18 only so it will be one of those.


She's the one that rolled her eyes whilst I was making my way through my list of questions so I don't know if she was accurate in her answer or just bored!


Hope you're okay? You are in my thoughts often xx


i think ' others ' meant non 16/18 

Fairly sure. There's quite a few others. They test for the first two and then lump others in together. The first two are 70 percent of cases, the others the remaining. 

Lovely that you think about me, I do you too. 
I was happy to have my vaccine- it made me feel better and the pharmacist didn't mention my age ?

I think they may have a lot of 44 year olds.

I keep being super careful because don't want covid to delay my Lletz. Strange how I'm not worried  about the Covid, just the lletz..

You must be having yours soon ?



i just read your account of your Lletz 

that's TOUGH 

hope your man is looking after you xx

Also sounds they are doing their very best to make sure they are doing all they can. 

I really hope it goes well for you- I need to keep checking on the other forums too 

Hi Rebecca,


Just popped on to see how you are doing. I'll update my original post afterwards.


My recovery is going great in comparison to my first LLETZ. I really do believe that too-large speculum has a lot to answer!


Also I practiced relaxing my whole body lots before my second LLETZ as I know how helpful it was. And this time round I experienced no pain as I was so relaxed. So try doing that every day before your appointment if you can as it will work wonders for you on the day xx

I'm having gas and air 

it is never the pain with me, it's always emotional. In fact I don't experience pain in that way at all but I am more worried about the invasion so I thought gas and air would chill me.

it's much more a thing about past trauma etc and fear of injury and being violated.

So glad your second Lletz was better :) 

i will do breathing though, I do yoga in any case. But if is difficult to explain, my anxiety is not about the physical pain at all as I don't mind that.